It looks like we're getting what we want. Real time proof of reserves from Bitfinex ( 06/04/2015 - 4:57pm, Cygnus, r/Bitcoin, submitted by Cygnus_X [link] [1 comment]
Do any exchanges offer swaps besides BitFinEx? ( 04/06/2015 - 2:46pm
Cygnus, r/BitcoinMarkets,, Specifically looking for ways to get interest on USD. submitted by Cygnus_X to BitcoinMarkets [link] [4 comments]
Coinbase is starting to cancel my orders ( 10/21/2014 - 2:22pm
Bitcoin, Cygnus, Danger, Now Accepting Bitcoin, r/CoinBase,, I'm not sure if it's my banks fault or coinbases fault, but I have now had 2 previous orders cancelled today. I have been helping people remove...
$4.6M in Bid Orders ( 04/02/2014 - 11:07pm
Cygnus, r/BitcoinMarkets,, It's been a while since I've seen a buy wall this large. Just more evidence that there is lots of support at the $380...
Retailers lose federal appeal to lower $0.21 per swipe fee on debit cards ( 03/21/2014 - 4:19pm
Cygnus,, r/Bitcoin, submitted by Cygnus_X [link] [2 comments]
Does coinbase have a partnership program? ( 03/15/2014 - 2:45pm
Bitcoin, Cygnus, Important Companies, r/CoinBase,, I'd love to spend part of my weekend going around to various business and signing them up with a Bitcoin POS system. However, I am certain a day...
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