7-12th graders: Cryptocurrency Survey ( 08/03/2015 - 2:13am
Altcoins, Digitalcoin, How To, r/digitalcoin,, My name is John and I'm a junior currently trying to do research on the public opinion of cryptocurrencies and its possible use in terrorism. I'...
Cryptsy Wallet Maintenance ( 06/04/2015 - 8:57am
Digitalcoin, r/digitalcoin,,, Wallet Cryptsy has had the DGC Wallet in Maintenance for a few days now... Any ideas what is going on? submitted by stone885 to digitalcoin [link] [...
Lets make DGC an All-Algorithm coin which can be secured with any device ( 05/30/2015 - 4:38pm
Digitalcoin, r/digitalcoin,, I like the idea of multi-algorithm, I believe it can make difference with other coins, So I suggest to dev team that insert almost all...
Is there any tipbot available for dgc? ( 05/23/2015 - 5:10pm
Digitalcoin, r/digitalcoin,, submitted by indstove to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
DigitalCoin node crowd funding - DigitalCoin accepted ( 05/19/2015 - 10:09pm, Digitalcoin, Node, r/digitalcoin, submitted by marcetin to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
Double your digitalcoins! no time limit! first fair doubler ( 05/04/2015 - 9:03am, Digitalcoin, r/digitalcoin, submitted by multicryptos to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
[04-19-2015] The Digitalcoin Foundation Is Now In Need Of A New Leader ( 04/20/2015 - 3:33pm,, Digitalcoin
i am new member in here ( 04/15/2015 - 4:24pm
Digitalcoin, r/digitalcoin,, I introduce the field from Indonesia, usual in irc must know me but I rarely online submitted by royalwebgrup to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
New digitalcoin mining pool is up and running. ( 03/20/2015 - 4:56am
Digitalcoin,, Mining, r/digitalcoin, submitted by pravin_bhudiya to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
Hashgoal mining pool is back with something Awsome!!! ( 03/20/2015 - 12:29am
Altcoins, Bitcoin, CannabisCoin, DigiByte, Digitalcoin, Dogecoin, Donate Bitcoins, Litecoin, Megacoin, Mining, Novacoin, PayCoin, Peercoin, r/CryptoCurrency, ReddCoin,, Hashgoal mining pool is back with some Awsome new features, it now paying mining rewards in four different cryptocurrencies (XPY/LTC/DOGE/DRK)...
Digitalcoin named one of the best altcoins to trade in 2015! ( 03/10/2015 - 8:42pm
Altcoins, Digitalcoin,, r/digitalcoin, submitted by vhostnet to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
Digitalcoin March Madness Brackets -- Sign up today! ( 03/09/2015 - 6:36pm
Digitalcoin,, r/digitalcoin, submitted by vhostnet to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
Willing to lend bandwidth and resources to help new/struggling altcoins ( 03/01/2015 - 10:56pm
Altcoins, Bitcoin, Digitalcoin, FireFlyCoin, HamRadioCoin, Node, r/altcoin,,, Tigercoin I'm wanting to help new and struggling Altcoins by becoming a node for them, located in the center of the US. I'm currently a node for: Bitcoin...
♥send bitcoin in 2 minutes,accept paypal 0.1 Bitcoin=$21 0.2 Bitcoin=$41.5 0.5 Bitcoin=$l00 ♥ {100%anonymous shop} 2 Bitcoin=$389 ♥ 3 Bitcoin+extra 0.2 bitcoin=$57O ♥♥ 5 Bitcoin+extra 0.5 bitcoin=$9Oo ♥♥ ( 02/27/2015 - 12:56am
Bitcoin,, Digitalcoin, r/digitalcoin, submitted by gdfasgewt32 to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
New Digitalcoin Marketplace - ( 02/15/2015 - 6:09am
Digitalcoin,, r/digitalcoin, submitted by xawksow to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
Excellent podcast that outlines just how boned fiat money is, worth a listen if you don't understand the dire need for digital, decentralized currencies. ( 02/12/2015 - 10:45pm
Digitalcoin, r/digitalcoin,, submitted by thebutz to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
ส็★1 Bitcoin=$2OO♥ส้ ♥send bitcoin in 2 minutes,accept paypal 0.1 Bitcoin=$23 0.2 Bitcoin=$45 0.5 Bitcoin=$106 ♥ {100%anonymous shop} 2 Bitcoin=$389 ♥ 3 Bitcoin + extra 0.2 bitcoin=$57O ♥♥ 5 Bitcoin + extra 0.5 Bitcoin=$9OO ♥♥ ( 01/29/2015 - 12:50am
Bitcoin, Digitalcoin,, r/digitalcoin, submitted by hbyugytfyt to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
What's the best digitalcoin pool? ( 01/21/2015 - 9:55am
Digitalcoin, r/digitalcoin,, submitted by Arctic_SpaceKiwi to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
BRSS : Blockchain-RSS Syndication ( 12/25/2014 - 5:02pm
Blockchain, Digitalcoin, r/digitalcoin,, This was also posted in the subreddit but it's very relevant here We're building an RSS Style...
Wallet builds are now compatible with Windows 8.1 and 64bit is available too! ( 12/17/2014 - 12:20am
Digitalcoin,, r/digitalcoin,, Wallet submitted by xawksow to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
Digitalcoin(DGC) successfully hardforked to multi-algo hashing using SHA256, Scrypt, and x11. Kudos to dev team for their hard work! ( 12/09/2014 - 1:36pm
Digitalcoin,, r/CryptoCurrency, submitted by thebutz to CryptoCurrency [link] [comment]
Less than 550 blocks before the fork. Upgrade to DGC v3.0.1a! ( 12/08/2014 - 9:01am, Digitalcoin, r/digitalcoin, submitted by vhostnet to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
Digitalcoin V3 : Hard Fork, Multi-algorithm Mining, Block Reward Changes & More ( 12/06/2014 - 8:27am, Digitalcoin, Mining, r/digitalcoin, submitted by jdebunt to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
Digitalcoin(DGC) 3.0 released, *HARD FORK* in ~34 hours. Updated with multi-algo using SHA256, Scrypt, and x11, with rewards reduced to 5 coins every 40 seconds. Enjoy! ( 12/05/2014 - 7:57pm
Digitalcoin,, r/CryptoCurrency, submitted by thebutz to CryptoCurrency [link] [1 comment]
DGC v3.0 Released! URGENT: Hard fork coming sooner than anticipated. Update IMMEDIATELY to v3.0 . ( 12/05/2014 - 9:22am
Digitalcoin, r/digitalcoin,, Please join us in IRC on #digitalcoin if you require any assistance getting this done. Here is the announcement along with the...
REMINDER: HARD FORK INCOMING. DGC being updated to include multi-algo hashing, data storage and a reduction to the block reward. Scheduled for release end of this month, with ~2 weeks for hard fork block to be reached. Stay tuned! ( 11/24/2014 - 6:12pm, Digitalcoin, r/digitalcoin, submitted by thebutz to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
Advantages And Disadvantages Of Electronic Money ( 10/24/2014 - 5:40pm
Digitalcoin,, r/digitalcoin, submitted by abe2jail to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
Could Digitalcoin become Myriadcoin's first 'multi-vpow'? ( 10/09/2014 - 5:03am
Digitalcoin, Mining, Myriadcoin, r/digitalcoin,, So I heard that Digitalcoin is considering switching to multi-algo, similar to Myriadcoin's design, but with sha256, scrypt, and x11. The Myriad...
New BTCtalk, rally support here, keep it bumped to bring in more of the BTCtalk audience. ( 09/27/2014 - 8:34pm, Digitalcoin, r/digitalcoin, submitted by thebutz to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
We're trading on BitTrex now. Yay! ( 09/21/2014 - 3:02pm, Digitalcoin, r/digitalcoin, submitted by thebutz to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
DigitalCoin Foundation Announces Upcoming DGC3.0 Improvements (,1271.msg9362.html#msg9362) 09/17/2014 - 3:14am
Digitalcoin,,1271.msg9362.html#msg9362, r/digitalcoin, submitted by xawksow to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
Block Chain Size ( 09/13/2014 - 9:52pm
Blockchain, Digitalcoin, r/digitalcoin,, Hi there, I was personally wondering what the GB size of the current block chain is. Just because here in New Zealand I have a limited amount of...
DGC Sex Toys Super Store, 1000's of products, fast discreet and easy. ( 09/11/2014 - 11:07am, Digitalcoin, r/digitalcoin, submitted by cg164 to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
Digisade, are you part of the crusade? ( 09/10/2014 - 11:32am
Digitalcoin, Mining, r/digitalcoin,, DIGISADE is a revolutionary company that places tremendous emphasis on making our product and solution easy for the average person to use. We...
Are you a business accepting DGC? Post your service in this thread, Digitalcoin community making a big push now that our price has leveled! (,1264.0.html) 09/10/2014 - 11:31am
Digitalcoin,,1264.0.html, r/CryptoCurrency, submitted by thebutz to CryptoCurrency [link] [comment]
Baritus resigns as DGC developer, passing lead position over to the community-run Foundation. Other developers have agreed to take on tasks outlined in the 3.0 proposal thread. (,1261.0.html) 09/08/2014 - 9:29pm
Digitalcoin,,1261.0.html, r/digitalcoin, submitted by thebutz to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
Digisade will change the digital currency revolution! ( 09/04/2014 - 2:54am
Digitalcoin, r/digitalcoin,, By harnessing the power of our DIGISADE system you can unlock the digital currency world. By taking advantage of our easy-to-use system, you can...
Digitalcoin considering changing its parameters once again, read the thread and post your thoughts (,1243.0.html) 08/29/2014 - 4:19pm
Digitalcoin,,1243.0.html, r/digitalcoin, submitted by thebutz to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
Transaction Time ( 08/22/2014 - 12:17pm
Digitalcoin, r/digitalcoin,,, Wallet On August 22 I made a transaction from my Dub wallet to an exchange's address. Now it is still not confirmed, just seen by one peer. How long do... would like to interview the core development of DGC ( 08/08/2014 - 11:43pm, Digitalcoin, Important People, r/digitalcoin, submitted by coinfinance to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
Should DGC become merge-mined? Vote! (,1225.msg8684.html#msg8684) 08/07/2014 - 9:13pm
Digitalcoin,,1225.msg8684.html#msg8684, r/digitalcoin, submitted by thebutz to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
Cryptocurrency "The Alt-ernative" Reference Book ( 07/23/2014 - 4:28pm
Digitalcoin,, r/digitalcoin, submitted by Tykerr to digitalcoin [link] [1 comment]
We've got a new dedicated DGC pool meant to replace CryptoPools. If you're looking for somewhere to mine sign yourself up @ ( 07/22/2014 - 5:08pm, Digitalcoin, Mining, r/digitalcoin, submitted by thebutz to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
Media Expert ( 07/20/2014 - 2:53am
Digitalcoin, r/digitalcoin,, Hello I work in the film industry and am interested in helping bring Digital Coin back into the media. I would be happy to shoot some great high...
Hardforking DGC to new algorithm ( 07/14/2014 - 4:59pm
Digitalcoin, Mining, r/digitalcoin,, There are lots of benefits in this, but at least it's a news and people will hear digitalcoin name again in news and twitter and other medias...
AltCoinAuctions now accepts DigitalCoin! ( 07/14/2014 - 3:11pm, Digitalcoin, Now Accepting Bitcoin, r/digitalcoin, submitted by AltCoinAuctions to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
[x-post] Digitalcoin tip bot fixed ( 07/11/2014 - 2:51pm
Digitalcoin, r/digitalcoin,, submitted by ThinkThrough to digitalcoin [link] [comment]
Cryptocurrency "The Alt-ernative" Beginners Reference Book ( 07/10/2014 - 5:45pm
Digitalcoin, r/digitalcoin,, Please see the four page section I have written for DGC:,1171.0.html submitted by Tykerr to...
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