Michael Novogratz: “Bitcoin May Dip to $8K” — Puts Crypto-Hedge Fund on Hiatus ( 12/22/2017 - 10:30pm
Altcoins, Banking Cartel, Bitcoin,, Important People,, ProtoShares, United States The financial mogul Michael Novogratz, a former Fortress Investment Group executive, stated back in September that he planned to start a...
More Bitcoin Fork Clones on the Way: Bitcoin God Will Be Born on Xmas Day ( 12/05/2017 - 10:32pm
Bitcoin,, Blockchain, China, Diamond, Ethereum, HOdlcoin, Horizon, Memorycoin, Mining,, Precious Metals, ProtoShares, Rubies It seems forking bitcoin has become a new cryptocurrency obsession lately as a myriad of bitcoin clones are joining the economy. Now two more...
The Bitcoin ETF Holy Grail — Another Firm Attempts the Odds Against SEC ( 09/29/2017 - 10:30pm
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Exchanges,, Innovations,, ProtoShares, United States According to public records, another company has filed with the U.S. Securities Exchange Commission to create two bitcoin exchange-traded funds...
I haven't been paying attention in a while, what do I need to do? ( 01/02/2015 - 9:36pm
How To, ProtoShares, r/protoshare,,, Wallet I mined a few protoshares when they were relatively new. I understand that it's gone through some adaptations since then and I need to do some...
why are protoshares down 99.5% on poloniex in the last 3 days while the price is still remaining stable on cryptsy (whose wallet is offline)? ( 12/17/2014 - 9:45am
ProtoShares, r/protoshare,,, Wallet submitted by Zapmeister to protoshare [link] [comment]
Problems with GPU miner. ( 10/17/2014 - 11:44pm
Mining, ProtoShares, r/protoshare,, I tried to GPU mine Protoshares using the arCUDAminer on I got the error in the URL below. In case you...
[Question/Discussion] Will protoshares ever switch to DPOS? ( 09/10/2014 - 5:12pm
Mining, ProtoShares, r/protoshare,, It seems really strange to keep POW for protoshares, especially considering that there are now GPU miners for protoshares and because DPOS is...
I have some old protoshares. How can I turn them into Bitshares? ( 08/22/2014 - 3:52am
BitShares, How To, ProtoShares, r/protoshare,,, Wallet I have some protoshares from an old wallet and I think I've read that I can transform them into Bitshares somehow. Can someone explain how to do...
Are there any P2P platforms other than Ripple Labs' that have potential to meet the needs of trust network style LETS? ( 04/08/2014 - 7:46pm
Bitcoin, Ethereum, MasterCoin, ProtoShares, r/ripplers,,, Ripple Protoshares or ethereum? any other decentralized ripplepay projects? Seems like a bitcoin tied system like mastercoin would take way too long...
What is Invictus and Protoshares? ( 03/19/2014 - 10:53am
ProtoShares, r/Bitcoin,, Someone said I should probably invest in this. I found it on Cryptsy and I have no idea what it is and what it stands for. Can someone please... Domain For Sale ( 03/15/2014 - 8:52am, ProtoShares, r/protoshare, submitted by super3 to protoshare [link] [comment]
My local paper wrote a pretty decent article on Cryptos, focused on protoshares but with a very healthy understanding of bitcoin, even defending it from detractors pertaining to mtgox. ( 03/09/2014 - 7:02pm
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Exchanges,, ProtoShares, r/Bitcoin, submitted by theth1rdchild [link] [2 comments]
[ANN] :: Buy BitShares with Bitcoin ( 03/08/2014 - 3:50pm
Bitcoin, BitShares, Blockchain, Now Accepting Bitcoin, ProtoShares, r/protoshare,, i everybody, We're the team behind and we'd like to invite you to visit our website and check out our service : http://www...
Installed new Bitshares PTS... Different wallet, no Bitshares ( 03/01/2014 - 7:07am
BitShares, BitShares PTS, ProtoShares, r/protoshare,,, Wallet Two questions: I just installed the new Bitshares PTS branded client ( ) expecting...
Miner confused about Bitshare transition ( 03/01/2014 - 2:24am
BitShares, Mining, ProtoShares, r/protoshare,,, Wallet First off I should tell you I have all my Protoshares in the wallet qt, so I know I will be able to redeem my Bitshares. Questions: If I mine...
Protoshares Support with Elqnt Arbitrage Alpha Round 1 Release! Crypto Trading beginning ASAP! Be among the first to try this UI! ( 02/25/2014 - 8:25pm, ProtoShares, r/protoshare, submitted by daNakedTooth to protoshare [link] [comment]
Quarkcoin gui windows x64 miner (can mine protoshares feathercoin and all other cpu coins) ( 02/25/2014 - 12:59pm, Feathercoin, Mining, ProtoShares, QuarkCoin, r/FeatherCOin, submitted by trolili to FeatherCOin [link] [comment]
Protoshares and Quarkcoin windows x64 gui miner ( 02/25/2014 - 12:33pm, Mining, ProtoShares, QuarkCoin, r/protoshare, submitted by lololot to protoshare [link] [comment]
Does someone have the commands to compile, or install, the linux protoshares wallet? ( 02/23/2014 - 4:30pm
ATM, BitShares, ProtoShares, r/protoshare,,, Wallet is this what I git clone? - I am using 12.04 I haven't compiled anything for years and...
How can I sell protoshares? ( 02/22/2014 - 7:15pm
ProtoShares, r/protoshare,, Title submitted by xtreme4 to protoshare [link] [comment]
Could anyone explain Protoshares to me, and compare them to Bitshares X, and Etherium? ( 02/20/2014 - 8:26pm
BitShares, ProtoShares, r/protoshare,, When I first heard about Protoshares it seemed interesting to me. As far as I can tell Protoshares & Bitshares X are similar but one...
Ripple network forks - Protoshares, Netpay, and Splash ( 02/13/2014 - 1:04pm
ProtoShares, r/ripplers,, Ripple,, Splash submitted by themusicgod1 to ripplers [link] [comment]
Future of Dogecoin... ( 02/13/2014 - 3:34am
Bitcoin, China, Counterparty, Dogecoin, Innovations, Kittehcoin, Mining, ProtoShares, r/CryptoMarkets,,, Vertcoin Posted this to the Bitcoin forums, thought I'd throw it in here and see what you guys think. As I see it... Pros: Hell of a community, young,...
What is the difference between Protoshares and Bitshares? ( 02/12/2014 - 2:19pm
BitShares, ProtoShares, r/protoshare,, I'm pretty new to cryptos in general and interested in Protoshares, but then I saw this thing called Bitshares. After spending an hour doing...
Hello from Reddcoin ( 02/12/2014 - 12:06am
Altcoins, ProtoShares, r/protoshare, ReddCoin,, Dear Protoshares-Community, as veterans in cryptocurrencies i send you friendly greatings...anyway i think its time for the big boys to jump on...
Protoshares-qt of mine doesn't sync ( 02/09/2014 - 9:18pm
Mining, ProtoShares, r/protoshare,,, Sync I have tried to look from past post over here and tried the nodes that were given but still it doesn't connect. It tells me "No block source...
How many protoshares should I be making? ( 02/03/2014 - 12:58pm
Mining, ProtoShares, r/protoshare,, I have a gtx 780 and an i54670k how many should I be mining within a day of mining? submitted by georgewday to protoshare [link] [3 comments]
Protoshares on the rise? ( 02/02/2014 - 9:48am, ProtoShares, r/CryptoMarkets, submitted by J_Livermore to CryptoMarkets [link] [comment]
2014-01-25 - Protoshares Update Could Signal the End of AMD Mining ( 01/28/2014 - 9:04pm,, Mining, ProtoShares
Just started mining today, am I doing this right? ( 01/23/2014 - 10:17pm
Mining, ProtoShares, r/protoshare,,, Wallet I just got the protoshare wallet and the protoshares-thbaumbach-miner for Arch Linux. I copied my recieve address out of protoshares-qt, and ran...
Bitcoin 2.0 Explained: Colored Coins Vs Mastercoin Vs Open Transactions Vs Protoshares - Yahoo Voices ( 01/19/2014 - 2:49pm
Bitcoin, Colored Coins, MasterCoin, ProtoShares, r/Bitcoin,, submitted by jitty [link] [3 comments]
PTS mining calculator ( 01/15/2014 - 2:27pm
Mining, ProtoShares, r/protoshare,, Hi there! I am checking out Protoshares and I believe I understand the idea but I got stuck at one thing. I can't figure out how many PTS I...
The Rise of the CUDA Coins ( 01/13/2014 - 10:28pm
Mining, ProtoShares, r/protoshare,, There are no more stock of ATI GPUs on the market. We want to mine more. There are lot of NVIDIA GPUs on the market. Then... ? CUDA Coins! I see...
Bitcoin 2.0 Explained: Colored Coins Vs Mastercoin Vs Open Transactions Vs Protoshares ( 01/11/2014 - 5:45pm
Bitcoin, Colored Coins, MasterCoin, ProtoShares,, Bitcoin is becoming a popular payment method around certain parts of the world, but the Bitcoin protocol allows for more than just payments to...
[ANN] WWW.BUYPTS.COM :: Protoshares giveaway! ( 12/24/2013 - 7:11am, ProtoShares, r/protoshare, submitted by vssa to protoshare [link] [comment]
Altcoin Trading: Exploring Datacoin, Devcoin and Protoshares [xpost/CryptoCurrency] ( 12/21/2013 - 7:41am
Altcoins,, Datacoin, Devcoin, Important Companies, ProtoShares, r/protoshare, submitted by RejectKid89 to protoshare [link] [1 comment]
Altcoin Trading: Exploring Datacoin, Devcoin and Protoshares [xpost/CryptoCurrency] () 12/21/2013 - 7:41am
Altcoins, Datacoin, Devcoin, ProtoShares, r/protoshare, submitted by RejectKid89 to protoshare [link] [1 comment]
Protoshare or Litecoin? ( 12/20/2013 - 5:59am
Altcoins, Litecoin, ProtoShares, r/protoshare,, Okai, so recently I've been pretty hung up in the idea of Litecoins. However, I have also started noticing protoshares recently. What...
Protoshares (new site) ( 12/17/2013 - 1:58pm
ProtoShares,, r/protoshare, submitted by RejectKid89 to protoshare [link] [3 comments]
Protoshares (new site) () 12/17/2013 - 1:58pm
ProtoShares, r/protoshare, submitted by RejectKid89 to protoshare [link] [3 comments]
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