[2017-07-21]The Bitcoin Mining Pools Initiates Segwit Lock-in Period ( 07/21/2017 - 9:19am
Bitcoin,,, Mining
BIP148 looks to be a total victory - Thanks to all those involved! ( 07/21/2017 - 7:47am
Altcoins, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Mining,, When you make a demand, and not only is every part of your demand met, but even more is given, that is the ultimate success. BIP148 advocates...
Am I the only one here who isn't celebrating because the real shitstorm is still ahead? ( 07/21/2017 - 5:48am
Bitcoin, Mining,, I mean, as I understand it, there's a high probability that we'll still be facing a contentious hard fork and a chain split in a couple months,...
Let's not forget who the real enemy is. ( 07/21/2017 - 3:27am
Banking Cartel, Bitcoin, EGGS, Mining,,, Satoshi Nakamoto Bitcoin has been so wrapped up in this 'civil war' that we seem to have lost sight of the real enemy: Central Banks, Federal Reserve and their...
Blockchain, Mining,, A transform-enabled integrated circuit for use in cryptographic proof-of-work systems is provided. The transform-enabled integrated circuit...
BIP-91 lock-in does not guarantee segwit will be activated unless BIP-91 is actually enforced ( 07/20/2017 - 9:25pm
Bitcoin, Mining,, (repost by request ) Soft-forks are ultimately enforced by users, not miners, and right now practically no users are running BIP-91 enforcing...
BIP 91 Has Activated. Here’s What That Means (and What It Does Not) ( 07/20/2017 - 9:20pm
Bitcoin,,, Blockchain, Mining, Now Accepting Bitcoin It looks as if Bitcoin is getting Segregated Witness . Bitcoin Improvement Proposal 91 (BIP 91) just locked in. Up to 90 percent of all hash...
BIP 91 Locks In: What This Means for Bitcoin and Why It's Not Scaled Yet ( 07/20/2017 - 8:18pm
Bitcoin, Blockchain,,, Mining BIP 91 has officially locked in. At press time, more than 80% of bitcoin's miners, the network of computer operators that secure the blockchain...
Garza Pleads Guilty: GAW Miners CEO Cops to $9 Million Fraud ( 07/20/2017 - 3:20pm,, Danger, Important People, Mining A notorious cryptocurrency executive plead guilty to a count of wire fraud on Thursday. He now faces up to 20 years in prison. Source
Kosovo Gets First Bitcoin ATM Despite Central Bank’s Warning ( 07/20/2017 - 3:00pm
Altcoins, ATM, Banking Cartel, Bitcoin,, Blockchain, Danger, Dash, Litecoin, Mining,, Not Accepting Bitcoin, Now Accepting Bitcoin Soon after the central bank issued a warning about digital currencies including bitcoin, Kosovo sees several signs of rising bitcoin adoption,...
[2017-07-17] Scaling Countdown: Miners Begin Running Segwit2x Software ( 07/20/2017 - 11:24am,, Mining
GB Miners (2.78%) have started signaling BIP91 ( 07/20/2017 - 7:17am
82.1% GB Miners just started signalling ( 07/20/2017 - 7:07am
GBMiners mine first BIP91 block ( 07/20/2017 - 7:04am
Dropped from F2Pool for a bit ( 07/20/2017 - 5:36am
Mining,, Wang Chun is a troll. I suggest all of you fellow F2Pool miners drop out for a few days/weeks and switch to a pool currently signalling for...
Some miners inexplicably stopped signalling BIP91 to further manipulate BTC market price. ( 07/19/2017 - 11:08pm
Altcoins, Bitcoin, Litecoin, Mining,, I see no other explanation for and bitfury to outright stop signalling for no reason. Miners did the same thing when litecoin was...
[2017-07-19] DCEBrief - Bitcoin Miners Begin Signaling Support for BIP 91 ( 07/19/2017 - 8:33pm
Bitcoin,,, Mining
Please don't mine at F2Pool at least 1 day or forever to finish this scaling debate. ( 07/19/2017 - 7:49pm
Altcoins, Bitcoin, Mining,, The F2Pool operators are really one of the biggest idiots in mining. Last month after promise to support Segwit2x, they post shit about Segwit2x...
The need for friction within bitcoins development/adoption and why it is essential for consensus systems. This is why Emergent Consensus is doomed to fail if adopted. ( 07/19/2017 - 2:20pm
Bitcoin, Mining,, I think this topic deserves a thread on its own, but it started with Peter R's post on /r/btc on the research paper against Emergent Consensus...
So is Segwit 2x a done deal? ( 07/19/2017 - 8:12am
Mining,, Bip 91 is going to happen. Is it enough of an improvement? Or do these miners then signal for Segwit2x? And is Uasf now not happening definitely?
Prdiction: fake bip91 signalling will cause messy reorgs, miners will abandon bip91, failure will be blamed on UASF, status quo will remain. ( 07/19/2017 - 7:56am
Bitcoin soars as miners finally move to solve the digital currency's scaling problem ( 07/19/2017 - 7:47am
Bitcoin, Mining,,
Understding Bitcoin Mining Math ( 07/19/2017 - 5:01am
Bitcoin,, Mining,
Bitcoin price analysis 19th June ( 07/19/2017 - 1:46am
Bitcoin, Bitcoin Exchanges, Blockchain, China,, DeepDotWeb, Mainstream Media, Mining Bitcoin is in Trouble This week Bitcoin’s internal wrangles, that have intensified over the past 4 months, dragged down prices to below the $...
[2017-07-18] Bitcoin soars as miners finally move to solve the digital currency’ ( 07/19/2017 - 12:14am
Bitcoin,,, Mining
Ether Review #69?'??'"?'?IOTA & the Post-Blockchain Era (letstalk) 07/18/2017 - 7:40pm
Blockchain, letstalk,, Mining David S?ƒnsteb?ƒ, co-founder of IOTA, discusses this next-generation post-blockchain platform designed to serve as the backbone for the Internet...
So why wouldn't Chinese mining pools pull a stunt and start messing with the market to profit shortly before SegWit "lock-in"? ( 07/18/2017 - 5:18pm
China, Mining,, "Acting in their rational self interest" would mean that mining pool operators could stop signalling SegWit and start pretending they won't...
The Bitcoin Block Clock Jr. Is Half Full Node, Half Work of Art ( 07/18/2017 - 5:17pm
Bitcoin,,, Mining, Node, Wallet Bitcoin is a decentralized system of digital cash in which users don’t need to trust anyone else with their money; however, the full benefits of...
Will Miners Signal? Bitcoin's Next Segwit2x Lock-in Period Starts Today ( 07/18/2017 - 4:35pm
Bitcoin,,, Mining Will the next miner signalling period mean bitcoin finally gets SegWit? Through Segwit2x's BIP 91 proposal? Source
How are my mining rewards calculated? ( 07/18/2017 - 4:32pm, Mining,
Chances of Segwit activation via BIP 91 with mining luck factored in ( 07/18/2017 - 1:46pm
Mining,, Since mining luck plays a factor in this, here are some quick calculations based on the cumulative poisson distribution. Also, please note that...
Why do I have suspicions that there will be a split? ( 07/18/2017 - 12:42pm
Bitcoin, China, Mining,, I mean the signalling now is probably fake, the Chinese miners have all incentive to fool us. They raise optimism in market by signalling, they...
[2017-07-17] The Biggest Mining Pool is Now Signaling to Keep Bitcoin Whole ( 07/18/2017 - 12:01pm
Bitcoin,,, Mining
Best pool for Scrypt ASIC? ( 07/18/2017 - 8:57am, Mining,
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